Before you email me, please take a look through these frequently asked questions. Thanks!

1. When will get get more stock of 'x' in size 'y'? 
Right now I can't get much more stock due to storing everything our spare room, so I will get some more stock when everything is sold out.

2. How long does shipping take?
I ship orders in batches once a week, sometimes twice a week if it's crazy busy. This bring shipping costs down (otherwise everyone would have to pay A LOT more!). So, if you're in the UK, it will be the following week, Europe will be the same, and the rest of the world will take longer. This sounds pretty wild but shipping time varies so much.

3. Where is my order?
If you've received an email saying your order is dispatched, then it's on the way! If not, then I've not shipped it yet. If you think it's taking a while to get to you, I'd urge you to be patient as international shipping can take a while to get through customs etc.

4. I've got my order, but it's the wrong size, can I change it?
Yes, if we've got stock. If not your options are a refund, or wait until we've got more stock. Post the item back to us with a note saying which size you'd prefer, and let us know by email that you are doing this!

I get a lot of emails everyday and I try to reply to everyone, sorry if I don't get back to you quickly!

Thanks dudes :)