About Me


I'm Ben, thank you for stopping in! I make films, take photos and tell stories. I love being in and around nature, I'm a Pisces, I love being in or close to water and I'm happiest swimming & shooting in the surf. Being on the road in Africa is a close second, in a Defender or on a motorbike. But always with my incredible friends.

In 2012 I switched from professional athlete to artist, aiming to make a living shooting the things I love most. From World Champion kayaker to YouTuber and photographer. 6 years later I'm 32 and only just feel like I'm starting to find my own unique path on this testing and incredible journey. Who knows what the future holds for my work, but I do know that my stories and messages will be created with love and shared with the intention of giving rather than taking.


Currently I'm working as an influencer, occasionally collaborating with brands for a living, working alongside & collaborating with my best friends, all whilst going through a very transitional time in my life. For a living I prefer to sell t-shirts and prints, my audience are huge supporters of my journey this way, I'm incredibly grateful for my audience, who always have my back. If you're lovely and feel like supporting, thank you!

Looking forward to bringing some realness from now on.

Have an awesome day!

Ben Brown