Time Vs. Intensity

Recently I’ve had to make some life changes, both big and small, thanks largely to a series of challenging events, which I now see as some of my most valuable experiences in my life so far. If you’ve read my last blog post you’ll know I’ve been working on my communication, I’ve become better at listening and I've realising a few things which I’d like to share.

Lessons and realisations often evolve in our own minds, but they’re brought to life through conversations. Over the last 4 months I’ve participated in more DMCs than my previous 32 years combined, especially at Africa Burn, as I’m sure you can imagine. There are a many patterns emerging in these deep conversations, books and experiences but one that’s been frequently making me think is the phrase; Time Vs. Intensity.

Changes are challenges, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Here’s something I’ve learnt from some wise humans; some changes occur subtly over a long period of time, these low intensity transitions slip under the radar taking longer to pick up on, if you ever get there at all.

For example; I was becoming increasingly unhappy in the parts of my life that were most important to me, personally I had changed and developed a lot but this of course happens gradually over a relatively long period of time.

At the steeper end of the learning curve, lessons are delivered in the form of big changes in a short space of time, completely out of the blue and often changing our life path in some way. These are good in the end of course, but can feel really painful & overwhelming at the time.

For example; it took 0.7 seconds for me to fracture my elbow, a big life change. This event then caused a domino effect, bringing with it a number of other big life changes all in a short period of time. High intensity, lots of feelings, much crying.

For me it's important to remember that there are changes occurring around me all the time, good and bad which are completely out of my control, which often go by unnoticed. But it’s the big intense changes that give us the power to really discover our true strength, the universe sends this test so you can level up, highlighting parts of your life that aren't serving your destiny so you can see where to make controlled changes yourself. 'You’re welcome' says the universe, 'now you can get on with your life with a new perspective, seeing clearly the things that vibrate in the same ways you vibrate. Lighting the way towards finding what ever it is that makes you happy, here in this weird existence. 

My crash course - excuse the pun - in changing my reality was pretty emotionally overwhelming, at times it felt bleak and often anxiety inducing. During this time I really had to learn to recognise, deal with and avoid feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, as we all are attempting to do in this reality.

I found myself most at ease and happy when I was making something just for me, for fun, for the simple pleasure of creating. So for the first time in a long time I’ve been playing guitar everyday, writing in a journal and drawing. 

The design I hand drew for this print is my most recent tattoo of a rose, with the hand drawn Time Vs. Intensity type over it. It’s a story about my reality and the lessons I’m learning from it.

It’s been amazing to rediscover my love for drawing and to print one of my personalised designs again makes me so stoked! It’s a simple design that means a lot to me and I can’t wait to do more.

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Love Ben