Podcast #11 - Mental Health Online

I've recently jumped into the world of podcasting and truthfully I'm loving it. My podcast is called New Perceptions, you can find it on all podcast platforms. Without the camera I find if much easier to speak about all sorts of subjects, maybe I'm opening up more because there's no comment section! Either way, I went into detail on my latest podcast about my own journey with mental health and how being online has presented challenges to me as an 'influencer' and the struggles that come with putting yourself out there on the internet for all to see and judge. 

I can only speak from my experience in this subject, and everyone is on their own unique journey regarding mental health but I thought maybe some of you will benefit from me sharing my stories, I hope the message is clear that it's not all peaches trying to make a living online, especially when sharing your life on YouTube everyday. 

So here's the link to Apple podcasts, it's also available on all other platforms, search for 'New Perceptions'


Big Love
Ben ♥️