I'm one of those people who loves to consume inspiring content. I search for it online in many genres across many subjects from podcasts to films, books or art, I spend hours each day trying to learn about people, journeys & stories. There is no secret to discovering new sources of highly motivating content it often comes down to sharing it, which means following and paying attention to the right people. So I thought I'd do that more frequently with you guys, on this blog. Some of these recommendations will be more informative in the shape of podcasts and some will be art in the form of music or animation, I'll share all sorts of stuff.

Photo by Me - @mrbenbrown


YouTube - I've not been watching a lot of YouTube lately, but one of my favourite films this year is my good friend Steve Booker's short documentary 'Neo Coffee Bar, Toronto'. Steve teamed up with another good friend of mine, Jake Evans, to shoot and edit this film in just 3 days, it's premier at Buffer Festival went down really well and I think it's one of Steve's best films, certainly check it out. 



Podcasts - I go through phases of listening to different podcasts, currently I'm into Joe Rogan and his seemingly endless back catalogue of amazing guests. Joe's podcasts are also on his YouTube channel along with a lot of shorter 'highlight clips'. Here are a couple of my favourite episodes which I highly recommend;

JRE #872 Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson - YouTube
JRE #865 Wim Hof - YouTube
JRE #876 Chris Bell - YouTube

This podcast with Russell Brand was the first one I listened to right through, I've been hooked ever since.


 Film - Watch 'Captain Fantastic' as soon as you can. Watch it now, it's beautiful.



Music - November Playlist. I'm kinda addicted to soundtracking my life, follow me on Spotify here.




Instagram - Current favourite account - Jarrad Seng an incredible photographer capable of capturing the beauty in many different situations, great moments rarely go un-photographed with people like Jarrad around.


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