I wasn't ready to leave Colorado. But Texas was calling and it wasn't long before we settled back into the tour van for 8 hours of laptop club. We arrived in Austin late in the evening, and woke up the following day to a refreshing swim in the springs. The show was very well attended, very hot & very fun! Thank you so much to everyone who came to say hello. 

Following the show, we made our way to The White Horse, a famous country bar full with great people having a really fun time, I even learnt the art of two step dancing! Honestly one of the top 10 nights of my life, what a party!

The morning after involved a lot of repenting. We hit the road pretty late, but managed to get 30 mins of golden hour light shooting photos around an awesome scraped Ford pick up truck. I just love random shoots like that. I'm working on my photography a lot whilst on this tour, some of the images are also being printed as posters for the shows.

Dallas was our next stop, and it certainly didn't disappoint! I met SO MANY epic viewers, you're all such great humans. 

So, thank you Texas! I can't wait to be back in this great state. Watch the vlog here.

Peace x