Incase you didn't realise by now, I LOVE CANADA. This love stories began last summer, about halfway through the epic non-stop adventure I undertook with Steve Booker in British Columbia & Alberta. 

I vlogged every day of this adventure, from urban exploration to waterfalls & mountaineering. But I also shot a lot of footage for my Canada Visual Vibes film. It took me a long time to finish the edit, trying to do justice to our life changing journey in 5minutes wasn't easy. I was very very pleased to complete this edit at 4am in a hotel in Toronto, just in time to premier the film at Buffer Festival last October. 

The film was the final feature at the end of Buffer Festival's red carpet gala event. I was seriously anxious, I was premiering (what I thought was) my best work, a film about Canada, to a theatre filled with Canadians & YouTube film makers. Not even beer was helping.

Luckily the film was well received at the gala and online. A lot of proud Canadians confirmed that I'd evoked some really great emotions, which is the goal of any film maker. I've watched it about 4 times since then, it reminds me of how much I love film making & how fun it is to share content with the world. 

The film hit 500,000 views today, which is way more than I ever expected. Watch the film & the Canada Summer playlist of daily vlog below. Thank you so much :)