JANUARY 2014 from MrBenBrown on 8tracks Radio.

1. Gotta Have It - Jay-Z and Kanye West

2. Luna - Bombay Bicycle Club

3. Fortress - Pinback (The O.C)

4. Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights - Aqueduct (The O.C)

5. Re: Stacks (Owsey & Resotone Remix) - Bon Iver

6. More Than You Thought - Flume

7. So Long See You Tomorrow - Bombay Bicycle Club

8. Family Affair - Bliss N Eso - Flume

9. Don't Leave Me - Blink-182

10. Moonshine - Jack Johnson

11.Call It What You Want - Foster the People

12. Loveland - Milky Chance

I'm going through a weird time right now, but these are some of the tracks I've been listening to in March, and April. I'll make another one for April. I've been thinking a lot about my future, how much my happiness relies on others& how much plans can change so quickly. Anyway, onwards and upwards, life goes on but don't forget to stop and express/appreciate your emotions, always review yourself and follow your heart.