I love Instagram. I'm into it. The very idea a visual timeline of your life gives me a tingle in my swimsuit area. However, throw in a few set up shots, filters, and the fact that you only ever feature the very best moments of your life, and suddenly there could be a problem. I don't want to say people can become envious, but I've caught myself turning a shade of green whilst scrolling beautiful profiles such as Foster Huntington. At this stage I thought to myself, 'man I need to create more situations that are Insta-worthy!' I didn't just desire a more beautiful instagram profile, I had an urge to travel and see the world, I wanted to see the beauty in even a simple moment (like coffee!) and capture that moment as best I could. For me, it's a big deal if something is insta-worthy, it's my way of saying, I'm in love with this moment, right now and I want to keep it, share it and document it. I believe Instagram is my show reel, the best bits and highlights of my life.



Through YouTube I've been growing my audience on Instagram. People interact in the comments, in the last 30 days I've had 1,694 comments and in between the hilarious emoji combinations you occasionally see something quite disturbing; 'your instagram photos make my life look so shit :(' & 'I wish my life was fun like yours'.

I don't want anyone thinking like that whilst looking though my photos. It was playing on my mind all day when I tweeted this;

I want people to be inspired by my social media, otherwise it's just for me, and I might as well have a private account. I appreciate the vast majority of people don't get intsa-blues or life envy, but it's easy to slip into that thought pattern. Force yourself to change your outlook, allow the photos/videos to motivate the change you'd like to see in your life & appreciate the work behind (most) successful Instagram accounts. I'm not talking about adding filters, I'm saying I look at an Instagram account like Cory Richards' as a reflection of the hard work and commitment he's put into photography, and now he's clearly living the dream!


I'm truly thankful for my current situation, I'm having an awesome time lately and things are only getting better. I'm super lucky to have the friends I have, and the support from my parents and girlfriend. Add some hard work and commitment and yes I'm very close to living the dream. I think my Instagram profile reflects that nicely.

Thanks for reading.